The no button
the no’s come from the button, A yes comes from the heart


the no button is a handy button that says ‘no’

the founders of the no button are parents who seemed to be repeating the same things to their kids over and over. they dreamed of a button that would just say it for them. eventually they noticed that ‘no’ is the most often used phrase followed by ‘clean your room.’ so they designed a button that would say the no’s for them.

the no button answers many questions for children such as:

‘we found a cute dog, can we keep it?

‘can i have another bowl of ice cream?’

‘can i stay up late?’

‘can i start dating?’

‘would you please buy me a pony?’

can i have a motorcycle?’

‘can i have some money?’

it turns out that it also works for adults answering questions such as:

‘do you think that i should have another beer?’

‘does this make my butt look big? ‘

‘would you like to invest in enron stock?’

‘Yuuuck!    smell this!’

‘Hey babe, what’s your sign?’

simply press the button and hear a resounding no! come out of the button in 10 different versions.

Are we there, yet?

S. glastonbury,ct 06073

Don’t forget to include your address!


Dad, Can I borrow the car keys?

Are we there, yet?

Does this dress make me look fat?

Can I have another cookie?

i need a raise, boss!

hey honey, do you want to get frisky tonight?

What is the no button?

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